Shobha = Housewife Worthy!

The NYC Housewives are back on TV & whether they are fighting or getting along (more likely fighting), I still find them totally addicting to watch. Here’s why each housewife is in need of a Shobha®-Fix!

1.      Cindy Barshop: The newbie, Cindy Barshop was quoted in that she can’t live without a really good eyebrow pencil.  Lucky for you Cindy, we have a great brow pencil that comes in the shade earth – a perfect match for you!

2.      Sonja Morgan: Sonja (no longer the new girl) has a new, hot & younger man in her life…I really can’t think of a better reason for hair removal.

3.      Kelly Killoren Bensimon: Dear Kelly, our salon is pink, orange, & yellow – very similar to the colors of your favorite candy, jelly beans… (please refer to episode “Sun, Sand & Psychosis” aka Ramona’s trip for the girls to the Virgin Islands if you’re wondering, “why jelly beans?!”).

4.      Ramona Singer: The outspoken blonde is an uptown girl at heart, which is great since we have two locations in that area: Shobha® Columbus Cirlce & Shobha® Madison. Take your pick Ramona! P.S. we may not serve your drink of choice, Pinot Grigio, but we do have some tasty alternatives, including our delicious Shobharita for Shobha® De Mayo!

5.     Luann De Lesseps: Money may not buy you class, as the countess famously sang, but it certainly can buy Luanna a great bikini wax!

6.      Jill Zarin: The “new” Jill keeps proclaiming this season that she wants to be “drama free.” Although we think this may be hard for her, she can start by coming in for a Shobha® AppointmentWe always guarantee gossip-free treatments, as in we don’t dish on our celebrity clients & their hairy parts. Like our services, that info remains private – we promise!

7.      Alex McCord: Alex joined NY Model Management last summer, which is conveniently located only 2 floors above Shobha® SoHo. need I say more?

7 housewives, 7 reasons – it’s a sign.
Shobha + Housewives of NYC = MFEO (made for each other)


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