Shobha Gets A ‘Sweet’ Shout Out In AM New York!

Everyone has their own vices; mine are chocolate & alcohol (guilty as charged!) but what happens when you use those vices to better yourself? This is what: you get an article from AM New York (a staple newspaper here) about products & spas that use our vices to help us beautify ourselves. Your very own Shobha was featured in this article a week ago for our guilt-free Shobha® Sugaring Gel. Sugar may be bad to eat, but the benefits of using it to wax are great! [*see the hard copy blurb above]

P.S. If you’re not from New York, you can still try our sugaring gel at home with our Shobha® Sugaring Kit. What makes our home kit particularly special, is that any mess can easily be washed away with water. Plus, it’s natural (that’s very special!)

Now, as for my own vices go…

Oh look!…a candy bar…

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