Shobha Dudes – Let Laser Be Your Wingman This Winter

let laser be your wingman this winter

Hibernation season is finally here, shaving and exercising suddenly seem optional. Letting yourself go and hiding under thick sweaters are deemed judgment-free activities (you need to stay warm after all).

But, let’s be real, shall we? Sweaters are a great way to make a statement during the cooler months, extra body hair is not. Dudes, the time has come to groom those random patches of hair on your chest and back you think you’ve been hiding.

We understand time is precious and there are only so many hours in the day for fantasy football, flirting, and cuddling with your favorite cutie. Enter laser– the best long-term, low-maintenance hair removal at Shobha. Laser is great for reducing rapid hair regrowth and stubborn ingrown hairs for the long haul. If you maintain your fitness during the winter, show it off without all that distracting hair. Then wingman, shmingman – you’ll feel so confident the whole dating scene will be as smooth as your chest and back. Now go get’em!

Plus, right now you can save up to 30% extra off* laser packages:

  • Get 10% off 1 package
  • Get 20% off 2 packages
  • Get 30% off 3+ packages

For a full list of prices click here.

*valid in-store only. applies to laser packages only. expires:
coupon codes: 1LAS15; 2LAS15; 3LAS15

If laser’s not your thang, don’t worry boo, we’ve got sugaring, waxing, and trimming treatments for you.

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