She’s Back! Back In The ‘Shobha’ Groove!

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Soma’s back! (Insert catchy kiss music here!) Thanks for patiently awaiting Soma’s return!  As many of her loyal clients may already know, a few months ago Soma gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby boy! Now we are excited to announce that’s Soma is officially back at Shobha® SoHo!  As of Monday, June 27th, Soma is available for pre-4th of July prep. In laymen terms: Soma came back yesterday and is ready to help get you hairless this Independence Day. So, don’t miss out on Soma’s return; schedule your appointment right now – literally – through our online booking system. I even dare you to try and book it while simultaneously singing my version of kiss’ “New York Groove!” 🙂

Welcome back Soma!

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