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Let it be known that the ‘jolly’ does not typically grace this ‘rancher’ until about 11…11:30am at best. One morning, while enjoying my daily dose of over-caffeinated morning talk show host chat & sipping my coffee, I threw all my normal personality warm-up time to the wind & became oddly alert.  On the screen flashed a key necklace (another Tiffany’s knockoff?  Amazingly, no.), a mother’s-day-only type, created specifically to raise profits for a charity benefiting children in India.

Cut to commercial for spray butter.

Ummmm…what?! Children in India? I waited. Alas, I was left completely left hanging with zero info on said necklace & hope of them circling back was clearly out.

So I got scrappy – two cups of coffee & feverish googling later, I found it – Malan Breton’s la Clé De Mon Coeur – “the key to my heart!”

Proceeds for the sale of each necklace go to Care & Share India… wait…who is Care & Share India??

Care & Share is an amazing org that started out here in the states & now has expanded internationally with an absolutely limitless number of projects.  So, if you’re finding it difficult to choose between donating your time & energy to oil spill clean-ups, building homes for the less-fortunate, or saving an orphan for just 5 cents a day this summer; maybe try a new route all together & check out – it may just be your recipe for a middle ground!

Care & Share India is so fabulous, they’re even on Facebook!

Wishing you a little sweetness in your sour, jolly rancher out!

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