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boot camp is not just for the gym anymore, let Shobha be part of your disciplined beauty routine to get you wedding day ready. whatever your bridal style, picture perfect brows are a-must & body hair is one accessory you definitely want to be without on your big day!

Shobha Bridal Plan

9 months before: 

invest in a laser 6-pack so that you are hair-free by your wedding day & all set for a hairlessly happy honeymoon! plan to come monthly for visits.

6 months before: 

keep up with your regular hair removal routine: daily, use the Shobha® Exfoliating Cloth to prevent bumps & treat ingrown hairs with Shobha® Ingrown Relief Lotion. if you normally self-shape your brows, stop — throw away your tweezers & let your hair grow. 

3 months before:

see a Shobha Specialist for a brow consultation (bring those magazine clippings of coveted celeb brows with you!) & at your first threading treatment, request a level 2 (senior ) specialist to see one of our top brow designers. schedule your visits 2-3 weeks apart for the next 3 months - save with a Shobha® 3-Pack. 

2 weeks before:

let the hair grow wild (on your face & body). this will help you achieve the best results! 

the week of : 

  • 2-4 days before your wedding date have a Shobha Specialist wax/sugar your legs, bikini, arms & underarms.
  • 1-2 days before your wedding date have a Shobha Specialist thread your brows, upper lip & any other desired part of your face. (if you're getting a pre-wedding facial, try to do that at least 5 days before to give your skin time to relax between treatments).
  • apply Shobha® Rosewater Calming Gel to calm any irritation post-treatment.
  • remember: 48 hours of rest is best! (that means no sex, saunas, or steam rooms) & keep your Shobha® Brow Pencil handy for a photo-ready face!
  • did you know? Shobha also makes house calls! we bring Shobha to you (& your bridal party), so you can get picture perfect with less running around. email for more details.


save with our big day boot camp plans!

3-month plan

price value
(1) Shobha® Bump-Free SET 48 62
(2) Shobha® Senior Brow 3-pack 89 99
(3) Shobha® Brazilian 3-Pack 173 218
total 310 379
(you save $69!)

6-month plan

price value
(1) Shobha® Bump-Free SET 48 62
(2) Shobha® Senior Brow 6-pack 165 198
(3) Shobha® Brazilian 6-Pack 300 396
total 513 656
(you save $143!)

bridal q & a

your bridal questions answered!

how far In advance of my wedding should i get my brows shaped? why?

we suggest starting a brow regimen at least 3 months before the big day, especially if you are looking to get a brow re-haul. it can take brow hairs several months to grow in - so you do need patience & time! the more time you have, the greater the potential will be for you to achieve the best brow shape to complement your other features.

the 3-month plan is also ideal for brides who are shedding a few pounds before their wedding. losing weight usually thins out the face, making it more angular, which means that the brow shape should be rounder & less angled, in order to soften the face.

when the wedding week finally arrives, we suggest coming in 1-2 days prior to the big day if you are not opting in for the 3 month preplan. make sure to come in once, at least a month before for a test-run to see how your skin reacts to the service.

how far in advance of my wedding should i get other facial hair removed? why?

like the brows, we suggest coming in 1-2 days prior to the wedding. we recommend sugaring & threading for the other parts of your face (lip, chin, cheek, etc). we also strongly suggest testing out the treatment on your skin about a month before since everyone's skin has a different sensitivity level.

how far in advance of my wedding should i get a bikini wax? why?

for bikini treatments, we suggest that brides come to Shobha 2-4 days prior to the wedding. & just like brow treatments, you should always do a trial run a month before!