Resolve To Be Fresh-Faced (The Easy Way) in 2016

Resolve To Be Fresh-Faced (The Easy Way) in 2016

Still deciding on your 2016 resolutions? Us too. One ongoing resolution around here is to keep our skincare game on point. Admittedly we’re kind of lazy & always looking for shortcuts. Enter our favorite lazy-girl cheat: Shobha® Rosewater Freshening Cloths.  Each magical cloth contains soothing rose oil to counteract irritation & redness after hair removal or just a rough day in general.

This new year you have no excuse to fall asleep with your ‘face on’. Our bamboo cloths provide quick makeup removal for the nights when you’re too tired to make it through your full-on cleanser-makeup-removal-toner routine. Keep a pouch stashed by in your nightstand & remember before you tuck yourself in to wipe your face off (you & your pillowcase will thank us in the morning).

If you’re binge watching making a murderer on Netfilx & realize you’re getting to bed much later than planned, throw a pouch of Shobha® Rosewater Freshening Cloths in the fridge, then in the morning zombie walk to the fridge, take one cloth back to bed with you.  Lay it over your eyes & hit the snooze button one last time to get some extra zzzzzs & depuff at the same time.

P dot S: the 10-count pouches are still on sale 3-for-$12 or $7 each (regularly $9 each). If you’re into the more is more philosophy for 2016 you’ll dig that the 50 count canister is also on sale for $20 (regularly $30.)

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