Another Reason To Switch to Shobha Sugaring

Reason #56 to use the Shobha® Sugaring Kit:

Marketing assistant, Krissy sent over this highlarious (no, we’re not talking about the #1 or #2 definition on urban dictionary, we’re talking about #3…go ahead, look it up) article about a cat who gets stuck to a waxing lid. The article says:

“Leo ruined … himself!!!! I was waxing my legs, prior to heading out for vacation. I set the lid to the wax can on the counter, where my faithful friend decided he needed to lay to spectate. Innuendo flew around unchecked for a few days after we managed to shave/clip the gooey mess from his fur. Poor baby”

Ladies & gentleman, our sugaring gel (I repeat), our sugaring gel is water soluble. Meaning it won’t stick to you, Leo or other loved ones.

So for the love of George, step away from the cat & put down the razor! Go to & make a life-changing purchase & buy the Shobha® Sugaring Kit: (or if all else fails, do it for the kitty!).

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