Guest Blogger: Aly Walansky

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Ranked last year as one of the top four beauty bloggers on the web by New Beauty Magazine, Aly Walansky certainly knows a thing or two about style – & brows! As managing editor of, senior editor of & style columnist for, Aly has paved her way through the beauty & fashion industry, while also making a name for herself in the blogosphere! Don’t forget to check out Aly on her personal blog, A Little Alytude!

  1. What tip(s) do you have for dressing your brows during NY fashion week?
    Have them fresh and their best – there’ll be tons of events where you’ll get your photo taken, and we all know brows frame our face. Don’t dry to get it done during the week – things are too busy, it’ll never happen. Make an appointment a few days before. You’ll feel better, too, knowing you can cross that off your list!
  2. What designer are you most looking forward to seeing this week?
    Betsey Johnson. I worship her – in fact, my apartment is a mesh of pink and black, with ruffled throw pillows – it sort of looks like it was designed by her. (at least in my fantasy rationalizations.)
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