Rachel Jesien Rocks Both Great Brows & Posture

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Rachel Jesien, a private backcare & scoliosis yoga instructor for the NY &NJ area & Shobha client has envious brows to match her incredible posture & adorable personality. This wasn’t always true of her brows.

Rachel confessed to us that,  “My only experience with brows before Shobha was when my college roommate would basically tackle me so that she could pluck them. & when she moved out of the city, & visited years later, she was so proud at how fantastic they looked!”

After a short stint of comma-like shapes for brows, Rachel found Shobha & she was on her way to a brow overhaul to greatness. Now, “I seriously get complimented on them all the time now… & all I keep thinking is -man, they must have been really bad before.”

If you want to reshape your brows like Rachel did book an appointment today!  If you’re seeking to realign your spine (& your life) through yoga with Rachel Jesien head over to her Facebook page & get started.

It’s a new year & it’s time to make some changes. Let us help you!

PS:If you have a before/after Shobha Brow Threading transformation that you’d like to share here, please email friends@myshobha.com.

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