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Q: What was the inspiration behind opening hair removal salons?

A: I spent my early years in Hyderabad, India under the care of my grandparents, who each infused natural rituals into my daily life from the start. My grandfather, a horticulturist, known to many farmers as the “plant doctor,” would take her on his travels to visit the different gardens throughout India. My grandmother immersed me in India’s natural & spiritual beauty culture, in which we would spend all day preparing meals & beauty treatments for the family.  Hair conditioner was created from crushed hibiscus petals, soap from a mixture of shaved sandalwood & lentils, & moisturizer from the cream of fresh milk.

It was also in India where I experienced the benefits of threading, the customary way to remove facial hair. The painless efficiency & precise definition of threading made me swear off wax, until I returned to the United States & found that there was no one in my area who threaded.  & so, the idea of Shobha was inspired!

In 2001, I set out to create a salon that catered to people like me, who see hair removal as a necessity in life. I wanted a place where hair removal was the main focus instead of just some add-on, haphazard service in the back room of a nail salon.  I wanted to create a friendly and inviting relationship with clients so they would not feel embarrassed about their hair removal needs. & so, I set out to make a place that stressed cleanliness & sanitary practices, cared as much about quality & customer experience as I did, & provided opportunities for career growth & continuing education in a supportive team-oriented environment.

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