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Article by: Jessie Pepper
Published: September 10, 2012
Topics: review, Threading
Photo Credit: Sarah Sherwood

I usually like to think that I’m pretty low-maintenance in the primping department (you’d be surprised how quick I can get my bootie out the door in the morning!), but I have recently discovered that investing the time on a few simple basics can make a huge difference in my everyday look.  One of the things that I’ve recently started doing is “fixing” my brows as a part of my typical make-up routine, and it’s something that I can’t believe I hadn’t tried sooner!

I’ve always had dark, full brows, and although I embrace them now, I hated them in middle school when they took over my face with their nightmarish proportions.  That led to over-plucking, and then eventually into a fear of letting any one touch them, lest they be made into tiny apostrophes above my eyes yet again.  Having to pluck them almost everyday is a pain in the arse, but after a recent visit to a brow bar in Manhattan, I can happily say I’ve found a new fix for the face framers that used to give me such angst.

The ladies at Shobha Salon got me all set up with their senior eyebrow stylist, and after getting them threaded into an updated shape over a week ago, I happily haven’t picked up my tweezers once!  They also sent me home with the proper tools I need for maintenance, and now after a quick combing with a special brush and the quick fill-in of an old scar, I feel so much more polished and put together.  Highly, highly recommend them if you’re looking for a little grooming refresher and am already looking forward to my next visit.

Time for you kittens to share your own eyebrow intel…  Are you a plucker, a waxer or a threader?  Any over-tweezed horror stories of your own to share?  Mine were seriously SO bad, you guys – I can’t even torture you with a photo.  Ha!

Top to Bottom:
Zig zag dress – Vintage, After Life Boutique in SF 
Vest – J. Crew 
Hinge necklace – Clyde’s Rebirth
Bracelet – J. Crew 
Ring – Estate Sale 
Belt – J. Crew
Chloe Marcie bag – Bag, Borrow or Steal
Gold heels – Sam Edelman, TJ Maxx