Style Cartel | Beauty Hotspot: My Shobha

Article by: Tillie Eze
Published: August 6, 2013
Topics: Reviews, Threading
Photo Credit: Style Cartel

Located in six prominent neighborhoods in New York City and Washington D.C. you’ll find a vibrantly colored salon destination specializing in hair removal called My Shobha. Brainchild of Shobha Tummala, she founded this concept after discovering a missing sector in the beauty market that was coincidentally innate to her upbringing. From there she chose to create a spa experience featuring the best of the best trained in natural and painless hair removal, typically in under 15 minutes. Perfect for clients whose only free moments include juggling devouring lunch, catching up on personal emails and rushing to appointments only available during the typical 9-5. Some weeks past, I was able to experience this treatment first hand.

Let me begin by saying my eyebrows haven’t looked so full and well-shaped, since I got them waxed before studying abroad in college. Though, I need to fill them in near the end as they refuse to grow for some sudden reason, my esthetician informed me the best manner to not only apply my brow liner, but what color was best suited for me. After trimming longer hairs, she thread away and shaped my brows to near perfection. From there she soothed my skin with natural remedies before escorting me to the waxing room.


(1) Day day after my brows being threaded. Aren’t they gorgeous!?

I won’t go into too much detail, as no matter how much salons say it won’t hurt… it does. It did hurt, but not like I’ve experienced previously. And I’m not just saying that. (Once, I wound up leaving with wax still on my vaginal area because the esthetician caused so much irritation, from repeatedly waxing one spot, that the next strip would have taken off my skin.) Anyway, we discussed what would be the best wax for my hair type and after what felt like 10 minutes or so, cleansed the area with what I believe was witch hazel.

Overall it was an amazing experience and though the contrastable details from all my experiences of threading and waxing, what really stuck out were the things others would ignore. Specifically the denim strips used to really grasp the hair, the “No Period Policy” posted on the wall of the room, and the pink gloves that touched your skin, no their hands.

My Shobha offers some of the best customer service, especially for its high-profile locations. From online appointment booking, natural My Shobha products available for purchase online and in-store, to the phone charging station ensuring your phone is always juiced up, don’t be surprised to see this Beauty Hotspot popping up in more cities over the coming years.