Refinery29 | Threading vs. Waxing: Why You Should Cross Over To The Spool Side

Article by: Lara Ramos
Published: August 28, 2013
Topics: Reviews, Threading, Waxing
Photo Credit: BrandLinkDC

I am obsessed with my eyebrows, and keeping them in tip-top shape is a meticulous process. For the last several years, I have been on a strict waxing schedule. I even keep tweezers in my car so that I can pluck when I ever find a spare second.

The problem for me and waxing is that my sensitive skin does not take kindly to hot wax. After a brow-shaping session, I have to retreat into hibernation for 12 to 24 hours until the redness calms down. I’ve been on the hunt for an alternative, but I don’t trust my brows to just anyone.

When hair-removal expert and NYC native Shobha made its way to D.C., I knew that it was time to give threading a try. I booked myself an appointment and headed to Dupont Circle for what I was hoping would be the brow experience of a lifetime — and I was not disappointed.

Threading is a gentle, much less painful alternative to waxing. In essence, a specialist uses a piece of thread that is twisted and pulled along the brow line, lifting unwanted hair directly from the root. There are no tools, no tugging on the skin, and no chemicals involved.

My appointment started with a consultation. I really appreciated the specialist taking the time to get to know my preferences and learn a little about how I like my brows to look. I had been growing them for weeks, so she had a lot to work with.

Image courtesy of BrandLinkDC

I found the experience to be surprisingly relaxing — maybe because I wasn’t clenching my teeth in anticipation of having a hot wax strip ripped off of my face. The process was less painful than waxing and left my skin feeling far less tortured. At Shobha, they finish off each session with a light facial massage featuring their Rosewater Calming Gel. It smells gorgeous and I might have actually dozed off for a minute.

But, let’s get down to brass tacks. The most important test was actually taking a look in the mirror — and I was floored. Not only was my skin calm without a hint of redness, but the resulting brow shape was picture-perfect. My Shobha specialist told me that this is because threading actually allows for more precision than waxing.

I would recommend threading to anyone looking to get a beautiful natural brow shape with less pain and suffering. It takes a bit longer than a waxing appointment, but with the redness factor nearly nonexistent it’s something that you could easily get done on your lunch break. I feel as if I’m being much kinder to my skin by threading instead of waxing (especially such a delicate area) and I am officially converted.