Popsugar | 7 Beauty Appointments You Should Always Book in Winter

Article by: Hilary Sheinbaum
Published: March 1, 2018
Topics: laser, microblading
Photo Credit: Popsugar

Laser Hair Removal

Semi-permanent hair reduction — and fewer ingrown hairs and bumps — can be achieved within a matter of weeks with laser hair removal. (Though the exact time frame depends on the person and area of the body being targeted.) The process involves laser light that emits a beam that bypasses the epidermis and disables the reproductive cycle of the hair within the follicle.

“While you can start any time of year, we recommend starting in the Winter months so that you are super smooth for Spring and Summer,” says Shobha Tummala, Founder & CEO of Shobha in New York City.

“Plus, this is usually when you have less exposure to the sun so you don’t have to plan around beach days to get lasered. You must wait three days after direct sun exposure to receive a laser treatment, and spray-tanned or sunburned skin cannot be lasered.”

Chris Karavolas, owner of Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal in New York City adds, “Treatments should be performed when someone does not have a tan, so that the correct energy can be applied without hurting the skin.”


With appointments lasting 15 minutes to two hours per session — depending on the client’s hair removal needs — a tiny, sterile probe with electricity or a solution of sodium hydroxide is introduced to the base of the hair follicle. It destroys the root of the hair. Electrolysis takes an average of 18 months with regular treatments — so, warm months are unavoidable, but going through two winters is better than two Summers.

“Electrolysis opens hair follicles, making them more susceptible to dirt, sweat and breakouts,” says Emily Limoges, CEO and founder of Limoges Beauty in NYC. “The skin can heal quicker in cold weather because it helps close the pores after treatment.”


Saving precious time in the morning by foregoing eyebrow makeup is made possible by microblading. The appointment consists of numbing cream application, and a custom hue (from high-quality pigments with FDA certified ingredients) being delicately scratched into the skin strand by strand, using a specially made tool. Dye is then applied into the brow design.

“Microblading is best done in the Winter to avoid excessive sweating and perspiration that can affect results over the first 24-48 hours,” says Ramon Padilla, the founder of EverTrue Microblading Salon in New York City. “Any minor swelling or redness is also greatly reduced in cooler temperatures, ensuring a seamless, perfect result.”

Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment

“During the Winter, we are usually inside with our heat on to make us comfortable,” says Daniel Carter,Keratin Complex Education Manager. While we may feel warm and cozy, this can be hard on our hair, causing it to become dull, dry and brittle. A Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment can help resolve those issues by restoring moisture, shine, and manageability to the hair.”

To restore hair’s more youthful, healthy appearance, a pre-treatment removing surface build up, a cuticle penetrating Keratin application, and assistance from conditioning agents for nourishments are par for the course. Lastly, heat in the form of a blow dryer and then a flatiron, solidifies the appointment, shielding against frizz.

FAR Infrared Sauna

55 minutes in a FAR (sweat technology) infrared sauna will provide a cleansing sweat for detox, destress, better sleep, weight loss, and glowing skin. Some clients (fans include Emma Roberts and Selena Gomez) prefer to sweat once a month, while others participate a few times each week.

“When you sweat using far infrared heat, you heat up your body from the core, which can help raise your temperature, making it better prepared to handle very cold temperature,” says Sophie Chiche, founder of Shape House in New York City and Los Angeles.

Radio Frequency

In anticipation for shorts, tight clothing, and bare arms, there’s a treatment that uses heat and radio waves to push collagen fibers together and trigger collagen production to melt fat and improve cellulite in problem areas.

“The Burn is my radio frequency treatment for the body that improves cellulite in problem areas by increasing collagen production and melting fat cells,” says Joanna Vargas, whose self-titled business is in New York City.

“It uses heat and radio waves to push collagen fibers back together and trigger collagen production for increased elasticity over time. It delivers instant results in one treatment and it’s great for thighs, butt, tummy, love handles, upper arms, above the knee. This treatment is great to do in the Winter to get you ready for the Summer!”

Each session lasts one hour, and eight are recommended for full results.


Dermalinfusion is non-invasive and involves exfoliation with a recessed diamond tip to remove dry and damaged skin cells. Vacuum pressure extracts bacteria, dirt, and debris. One of four serums (customized to the skin’s needs), are infused into the layers of skin at the exact point of exfoliation and extraction. The process typically requires 25-30 minutes per session and six to eight treatments every four to six weeks is preferred for maintenance.

“This treatment is especially great to do during winter months to treat Melasma and pigmentation with the Lumixyl serum. It works wonders in brightening and lightening pigmentation caused by the sun, as well as hormonal pigmentation,” says Cynthia Rivas, Medical Aesthetician at Monica Halem M.D.

“While it can be done year round when used with proper sunscreen, we prefer the Winter months because the sun is not as strong as it is in the Spring and Summer time. We take advantage of this time to use ingredients that make your skin more sensitive to the sun but work amazingly to clear up pigmentation.”