Politics of Pretty | Smooth Operator: Luxury Hair Removal Salon Shobha Arrives in DC

Article by: Kara Ferguson
Published: June 4, 2013
Topics: Reviews, salon news
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Let’s start with the obvious: I hate shaving my legs. Then again, what girl doesn’t? It’s a necessary evil, especially in the hot summer months.

A couple weeks ago, my boyfriend started to caress my leg when he stopped and said, “wow your legs sure are prickly today.”

And then all hell broke loose.

I started to sob. Yes, I kid you not. Maybe it was PMS, maybe not. But sure enough, the word ‘prickly’ struck a cord with me and I fired back with “YOU JUST RUINED THE MOMENT!”

Less than five minutes later I was in the shower, shaving, of course.

I continued my usual dreaded ritual, only this time I was highly emotional, armed with a crappy two-blade razor, attacking every prickle on my thigh. Sure it was smooth for the rest of the evening (not that it really mattered, my boyfriend was too scared to talk to me), but the next day before I went for my morning speed walk, the prickles came back. Here we go again.

You’re probably wondering, why don’t you just wax your legs? I would, except, I have a low threshold for pain.

It was as if someone heard my cries because a couple days later, I received word that the godmother of all hair removal salons was coming to my rescue the district: Shobha, NYC’s luxury hair removal salon. The top-notch salon known for waxing, sugaring and threading services, decided to expand and open their first location outside of the big city in the heart of DC.

Waxing Salon Shobha comes to DC

Founded by Shobha Tummala, the Harvard MBA and hair removal guru came up with the idea after realizing a big hole (and a prickly one at that) in the beauty market for natural and painless hair removal services.

While I’ve never experienced a service at Shobha, I’ve only heard rave reviews. Shobha offers four different types of hair removal services including threading, waxing, sugaring, and trimming (for men) for the face and body. If you think this is your typical neighborhood salon—think again. Each of these hair removal services offers natural formulas (some of which use Shobha’s own secret family recipe) and unique application methods. Not to mention Shobha promises most of these services won’t take longer than 15 minutes (the new lunch break, anyone?), making this the perfect fit for anyone that’s on-the-go (or anyone that’s lazy like me).

The 1,700 square foot street-level space boasts six private treatment rooms, six threading stations and a retail boutique for its natural product offerings (think skin soothing concoctions like their Shobha Ingrown Relief Lotion and Rosewater Calming Gel among other goodies).

The salon is set to open this month!  Meanwhile, I’ll be anxiously awaiting (and so will my boyfriend). Here’s to smoother days legs!