Naturally Savvy | Shobha Sugaring Kit: Natural Hair Removal

Photo Credit: Naturally Savvy

Spring is in the air and we all know what that means… shorts, dresses and skirts! With the warm weather fast approaching we want to flaunt our finest style — and having smooth, clean legs to match helps to polish our outfit. Getting these results can be tricky at times; salon waxing is painful and can get expensive, and shaving is only temporary and can create unsightly razor burns. Not to mention, disposable razors are unrecyclable and have to be thrown away after a certain amount of uses. As the weather gets warmer, the Savvy Woman needs a better option for hair removal.

This spring we’re trying the Shobha Sugaring Kit. Sugaring is a hair removal technique that dates back to BC Egypt and Greece. It’s less painful than waxing and gentler on your skin. Sugaring solutions are usually made from natural food ingredients such as sugar, lemons, water and sometimes oil. Since the ingredients are natural the chance of you having a reaction to the treatment is less likely. Wax often includes perfumes, chemicals, unnecessary oils and needs to be hot to work properly. The hot wax mixture can cause reactions to your skin even before you pull off the strip. With sugaring, the gel only needs to be warm, and it clings to your hair, not skin, making it safer to use.

Shobha president, Shobha Tummala, learned all about living a natural lifestyle from her grandparents in India. Growing up with backyard gardens of herbs, vegetables and fruit, Shobha was immersed in a natural lifestyle from birth. She learned her recipes from her grandmother who would make beauty treatments herself. In 2001 Shobha set out to create a salon that catered to people who were in need of hair removal but were also naturally minded. She wanted natural hair removal to be the focus of the salon rather than any other beauty treatments. She was successful in her enterprise and created a whole line of natural hair removal products.

The Shobha Sugaring Kit is completely free of dyes, fragrances, petrols, and resins. It comes with a very precise instruction booklet that gives background information on what sugaring is, how it’s made and what you can expect from the product. The denim strips provided are machine washable (you can re-use them many times) and the product itself is vegan-friendly.

To get natural Shobha smooth legs we put the sugaring kit to the test. The kit provides everything you need to have an all-natural sugar experience. The hair you want to remove should be a little bit more then 1/4 inch (you want the gel to be hold to the hair, not the skin). The skin surface should be clean and dry. Dust the area with the talc-free powder the kit provides. Warm the sugar gel then apply a thin layer to the skin in the same direction as the hair is growing. Place the provided denim strips on the gel, rub it and while holding the skin taut — pull off the denim strip. Easy. The result: smooth, soft legs.

At Naturally Savvy we think Shobha Sugaring Kit is this spring’s hottest new trend. With all-natural ingredients and environmentally-friendly denim strips, It definitely gets the Naturally Savvy Seal of Approval.

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