Lipstick & Luxury | Review: Shobha Madison Avenue

Article by: Nicole
Published: March 19, 2013
Topics: Reviews
Photo Credit: Lipstick & Luxury

Shobha hair removal experts

I love being a woman but my least favorite part of being a woman is hair removal.  Hair removal is not fun and sometimes it can even be painful. And although it’s a beauty treatment that’s not entirely necessary, a little good grooming goes a long way, especially during bikini season or a vacation.

Bikini Wax at Shobha NYC

I recently headed to Shobha Madison Avenue Salon in New York City because they’re hair removal experts and they ONLY focus on hair removal. Shobha salons offer threading, waxing and sugaring services from the bikini area to full body hair removal -they will remove hair anywhere. I decided to go for the full monty and get a full Brazilian wax.

If you’re like me then getting a Brazilian can be an uncomfortable experience. You’re lying down with your bare bum in the air in front of a complete stranger! But if you have a great esthetician then that makes the waxing experience much more bearable. And that’s why I love visiting Shobha salons! My esthetician was fantastic and really took the time to explain which hair removal method would work best for me. I opted for waxing and threading, but I’ll get sugaring for touch ups.

Shobha Madison Avenue waxing room

The treatment rooms are minimal but comfortable and most important they’re hygienic. Some salons dip the same spatula back in the wax vat possibly contaminating the wax with bacteria, gross. Shobha has a strict NO double-dip policy so they have lots of wooden spatulas handy to keep the wax clean. Shobha uses a gentle wax that contains azulene oil, a natural anti-inflammatory derived from the chamomile plant; this helps to soothe the skin while waxing. The waxing was finished with natural and organic, talc-free powder. My skin was smooth and best of all not irritated!

Shobha offers some of the best waxing services in New York City, I’ve also had my eyebrows threaded here and loved it. So If you’re in New York City, I highly recommend checking out one of the four salons! And if you’re in the D.C. area there is a Shobha salon coming there soon!

Have you visited any of the Shobha salons?