Lipstick & Luxury | Get Waxed and Shaped at Shobha Columbus Circle in New York

Article by: Nicole
Published: June 5, 2012
Topics: Reviews, Threading
Photo Credit: Lipstick & Luxury

In my twenties I spent a lot of time getting my weekly manicure and my bi-monthly eyebrow grooming. I’d perfected my beautification to a strict schedule and I rarely diverted from it. I consistently booked my eyebrow appointments and always reminded the esthetician to make my eyebrows extra thin with high arches. Over time my fairly full eyebrows became thin and sparse at the edges..I had literally tweezed my brows to death.

Fast forward to 2012 and Brooke Shield caterpillar eyebrows are all the rage and I still have puny brows. I’ve literally tried everything from keeping my brows free of cleansing products and moisturizers as well as applying lash growing serum to my brows to grow them out-with minimal results. So as you can imagine I’m hyper-vigilant about anyone touching my brows.

I’ll admit that I don’t get my brows waxed regularly, I prefer to let my brows grow in naturally and just pencil them in as necessary. I’m also deathly afraid of anyone touching them and leaving me looking like Whoopi Goldberg.

Well yesterday I attended a press preview for the grand opening of Shobha Columbus Circle in New York City, Shobha is known for their fabulous eyebrow threading and natural sugaring and waxing services. I’d never had my eyebrows threaded but I really wanted to try threading because like any beauty girl I want to say that I’ve done it all. So I braved my nervousness and went for it-and surprisingly enough it really wasn’t that painful. There was some mild pulling that lasted for a minute but afterwards my eyebrows looked neat and just a bit more perfect. Success! So if you’re in NYC and you need to take care of some unfortunate body hair then head to Shobha, they’ll take care of you.