Life by Ashley Joy | Tame Your Wild Brows at Shobha DC

Article by: Ashley Joy
Published: July 3, 2013
Topics: Reviews, Threading
Photo Credit: Life by Ashley Joy

Need to tame your brows? Forget the wax and head over to Shobha [1720 M st. NW], DC’s best eyebrow threading salon. Located in Dupont Circle just blocks from the Farragut West Metro Station, Shobha is THE place for anyone who wants to frame their face.

No matter how unruly your brows are, the technicians at this luxury threading salon will make them behave. Trust me, I know. When I arrived for my service last week, my eyebrows resembled mini pipe cleaners, completely misshaped, mismatched and out of control. But after a brief session with my stylist Mamata, my eyebrows and my face looked amazing. Possibly too amazing. My regular threading salon, located on U st., maintained a regular appointment in my calendar. But after visiting Shobha, I don’t think I’ll be visiting U st. any longer.

And still a week later, my brows look flawless.

Schedule your appointment with Shohba today. Services start at just $22. Then, come back here and let me know what you think in the comments below!