Lauren Cosenza | Diva Dish: Slightly Buzzed

Article by: Lauren Cosenza
Published: October 9, 2012
Topics: Threading
Photo Credit: Lauren Cosenza

When the new Panasonic Precision Facial Hair Trimmer first came across my screen in an email I could tell it was created for and being marketed towards women. Still, based on its size and portability I figured I’d test it as a potential addition to my male grooming kit. So what, it’s hot pink?? Anything that doesn’t take up too much space or add too much weight as I schlep around town works for me. And any talent with an errant ear , chin or nose hair has likely checked his masculinity at the hair & makeup station to begin with. So I had the PR girls ship it over.

And it is SUPER small and SUPER light. A little over 5.5″ long and 0.5″ wide, and weighing a little over 1lb.

But does it work??

In a nutshell – I first tested in on a semi-willing male subject and by the end of the test I had to pry it out of his hands to get it back.

It cleaned up eyebrows, nostrils, the hairline… he wouldn’t put the thing down.

It was oddly both effective yet pain-free – and incredibly precise.

So much so that for the second test, I actually tried it on the top of my own brows – something I always alwayyyys save for the pros!! When I can’t make it uptown to the Queen every few months, I get threaded at Shobha in Soho and when I don’t even have time for that, I use (pretty much exclusively) Anastasia Tweezers to pluck any strays below the brow. But I’ve always been told to never ever pluck above the brow, to wax or thread only to create the perfect clean shape. So what did I do? Threw caution to the wind and with the battery-powered pink wand in my hand, very carefully and verrry slowly ran it over the skin right above my brows, right up against them. In my defense, I was not pulling the hair out, just removing those ultra fine hairs that are hardly visible to the eye yet ruin the perfect shape of the brow.

Instantly I saw my arches pop and was sold for myself.

Now I am trained to have a steady hand and would not recommend going so close to a first-time user, particularly one who pays top dollar at the salon or spa for brows. But it is also not something I don’t think anyone could do once they got the hang of it.

Plus the trimmer can be used on any facial hair. And it has a protective skin guard covering the inner blade for safety. And the head is detachable so you can clean the blades in between clients if you do grooming or in between uses if your guy feels the need to steal it from you.

The new Panasonic ER-GN25VP facial hair trimmer offers precision at your fingertips. With a gentle, washable, and detachable head, the trimming wand removes any unwanted hair from your eyebrows or face. Available at a suggested retail price of $29.99.