Lauren Cosenza | Diva Dish: Pour Some Sugar On Me

Article by: Lauren Cosenza
Published: February 20, 2012
Topics: Reviews, Sugaring
Photo Credit: Lauren Cosenza

Fine art of sugaring – where have you been all my life??!

Had a complimentary treatment at Shobha in Soho and cannot believe I’ve endured waxing all these years when there is a FAR less painful yet as effective and smooth alternative.

This ancient form of hair removal is shockingly gentle. No deep breaths or wincing for me and I did a full Brazilian. I’m still kind of in disbelief. My technician Rachana and I chatted continuously and comfortably as she worked.

The sugar used is entirely natural – made simply of sugar, lemon juice, glycerin and water. So natural in fact, you can make cocktails with it and for a recent event, they actually made and served them.

The fact that the sugar is all natural means it can go on even the most sensitive skin with little to no chance of causing any reaction like waxing may. I don’t have very sensitive skin so while this was nice to know it wasn’t really relevant for me.

What I couldn’t get over or understand was the difference in discomfort between sugaring and waxing since both rip the hair out at the root.

It was explained that the sugaring removes the hair from the root like waxing but doesn’t also pull at the skin which is what causes the most pain. Whatever the reason, I’m a convert. Sold!

To ensure perfectly smooth skin, the process ends with threading to pick up any remaining hair. In comparison to the tweezing that is usually  done for this, I could hardly feel the threading. Rachana worked quickly and skillfully.

And to keep skin soft and smooth, I was given after-care goodies which I loved including the Rosewater Calming Gel, the Ingrown Relief Lotion, the (washable!!) Exfoliating Cloth and the Rosewater Freshening Cloths.

Shobha has 3 standalone locations in NYC (Columbus Circle, 57th Street and Soho) plus is also now at the Spa at Trump Soho. Sweet.