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Article by: Kohawk Talk
Published: February 12, 2013
Topics: salon news
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Amy Smith
  • Year: Junior
  • Majors and Minor: Business Administration and Music, Economics (minor)
  • Hometown: Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Internship: Shobha and music lessons with Danson Paul Pollard, Principal Bass Trombonist at the Metropolitan Opera
  • What she’s doing at her internship:

“I am products/inventory intern at Shobha. I am learning about the fundamentals of inventory and may interact with their marketing and operations team as well. From what I’ve gathered so far, inventory is a lot more complicated than I thought – getting a product from point A to point B is not always a simple task! The people at Shobha have been extremely welcoming and it is going to be a good place for me!

  • Looking forward to in NYC:

“My favorite part of the term thus far has been my first lesson with Paul. He took me backstage at the Met Opera and we did an hour of the fundamentals of playing trombone. He was able to watch me play and give me some tips to minimize tension which has made playing much easier and more relaxed this week. He is also extremely kind and knowledgeable and I am eager to see him at work when we go to Carmen later this month!”

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