Heather O Made | If You’re Feeling Helpless Help Someone Else

Article by: Heather O Made
Published: June 9, 2014
Topics: charity
Photo Credit: Heather O Made

I’m back to taking yoga after a long hiatus thanks to a generous membership gift from Chris. While at my class on Friday at Devotion Yoga (in their new beautiful & airy space) my teacher quoted a song that was playing, “if you’re feeling helpless help someone else.”  It was still ringing in my ears this morning as I plan to head into work to work on a fundraiser with the rest of my team. Sometimes life seems out of our control so take some control & use it to help others.  This week I’m proud to be helping raise some funds & awareness for a great cause at the Shobha’s Home for Girls & Women Fundraiser on June 11th at Shobha Financial District at 7pm.

Shobha has committed to a $100,000 endowment for the orphanage. This will allow the resources to sustain & run this home hopefully forever!  We have already given over $60,000 towards the endowment & now are in fundraising mode to finish our commitment.

There are 80 girls ranging in ages from 2 years old all the way through their senior year in college.  They are usually brought to the orphanage because they have no one to take care of them anymore.  It is extremely dangerous for these young girls to be on the streets of India.  Surely you have heard the horror stories about trafficking & all the bad things that can happen to these girls if they are left in the wrong hands.

On our founder, Shobha Tummala’s visits to the orphanage she has seen the girls grow & mature into young women that are studying to become nurses, engineers, teachers, productive people in the society & then coming back to the orphanage to give back.  It is just amazing!  The group of women who run this home & this organization are truly inspiring.  They are so committed to not just doing it, but doing it right!

There are a few girls that have now left the home after finishing their education & are self-sufficient with their own jobs, some have gotten married & now even have their own families.

Here is the video that we did on one of Shobha Tummala’s visits to the home in 2011: