Hearpreneur | Why Did You Start Your Business?

Photo Credit: Hearpreneur

To help people like me

With a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard Business School and an Electrical Engineering Degree from Michigan State University, I went against the norm in 2001 (including the norm of my family – my dad wouldn’t even speak to me for an entire year!) when I set out to create a beauty salon that catered to people like me: people who see hair removal as a necessity in life. I wanted a place where hair removal was the main focus instead of just some add-on, haphazard service in the back room of a nail salon. I wanted to create a friendly and inviting relationship with clients so they would not feel embarrassed about their hair removal needs. And so, I set out to make a place that stressed cleanliness and sanitary practices, cared as much about quality and customer experience as I did, and provided opportunities for career growth and continuing education in a supportive, team-oriented environment. Today, my company has four salons throughout New York City, an online presence at myShobha.com and an extensive product line. This spring we will also be opening our fifth location in Washington D.C.