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Published: April 23, 2013
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Body sugaring is one of the oldest known methods of hair removal – dating back to 1900 BC (when they probably used honey rather than sugar).

When done correctly, body sugaring gently exfoliates the excess dead skin cells and removes hair while providing natural healing properties to the skin. This method of hair removal is ideal for those with sensitive or delicate skin, and is safe enough for people with Eczema, Psoriasis, diabetes, varicose veins, or even those with auto-immune disorders.


Sugaring is much like waxing with added benefits. Sugaring paste is a simple formula of sugar, lemon juice and water. While it’s a simple enough recipe, creating a paste that is the right consistency takes practice. Pre-made sugar paste is available as are professional and retail versions of the product.

Sugar paste is applied in the opposite direction of the hair growth (this is not the case with other waxing methods). Once applied to the skin, the sugar paste gently surrounds the hair follicle and is quickly removed, leaving the skin soft, smooth and free of irritation. Watch this quick demonstration of sugaring vs. waxing and judge for yourself.

Because sugaring is so effective, gentle and precise, it’s ideal for:

Ingrown Hair Removal – Ingrown hairs are hairs that are trapped by excess dead skin that block the path of the hair, preventing it from release. Ingrown hairs can be painful, irritated and sometimes infected. Sugaring helps exfoliate the skin the rid the follicle of the blockage. This not only clears the path for the hair, but the healing qualities of the sugar begins the process of repairing the damaged skin. Keeping the skin in the bikini area soft and exfoliated will help prevent future ingrown hairs.

Facial Sugaring – Keeping the skin exfoliated is essential for healthy skin. It encourages cell turn over, promotes collagen production and keeps pores clear and unclogged. Gentle exfoliation is even more important after the long cold winter when the skin becomes dry around the nose, chin and mouth area. Sugaring, followed by a hydrating treatment or nourishing mask, not only removes dead skin cells, it conditions and heals while delivering much needed hydration to dry skin.

Body Sugaring – The list of things you need to do to get your body ready for Summer seems endless – chief among them is hair removal. Body sugaring is ideal for men and women who want to enjoy the liberating, care-free feeling of smooth, conditioned skin. One note of caution: Avoid any sun exposure the day of or day after your sugaring treatment. The newly exfoliated skin will be ultra-sensitive to the UV rays and you don’t want to risk sunburn.

Eczema, Psoriasis, Keratosis – For those with these conditions, sugaring helps prevent the accumulation of excess dead skin cells in affected areas and promotes healing with each treatment. While sugaring can be performed at home, in these cases a professional’s gentle tough is critical in order to avoid further damage to the skin.

Next time you need to condition your skin and remove unwanted hair, consider sugaring as a natural and safe alternative.

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