Funsized Living | Eyebrow Threading

Article by: Allyson Berger
Published: January 28, 2013
Topics: Reviews, Threading
Photo Credit: Funsized Living

Last week I got my eyebrows threaded for the first time ever at Shobha in New York City! I’ve been a long time eyebrow waxer but I think Shobha has now converted me to a threader!

They have locations throughout New York City, I went to the one in the Financial District. My eyebrows were done by the well-known and extremely talented, Shashi and she did a fabulous job. My shape has completely changed and perfected. Shashi has even worked on A-list celebrities! I tried, but I couldn’t get the names out of her! She usually works at their Columbus Circle location; you must go and see her.

Look at the magic she did…

When you get your eyebrows threaded, your skin does not get affected the way it does when you get them waxed. I have extremely sensitive skin so this was a major plus for me! I did get a little irritation but nothing compared to how red I used to get when I would get them waxed. Threading also allows the specialist to be more precise than with waxing. It was overall just a better experience.

Right now Shobha is only located in New York but they are opening a location in DC this Spring. The next time you go to get your eyebrows threaded, make sure to go to Shobha! If you’re lucky, try and get Shashi to do them, too!