CBS New York | NYC’s 5 Best Spas & Salons For Eye Beauty

Article by: Sarah Shaker
Published: April 18, 2013
Topics: Beauty, Brows, Reviews
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Lengthening your lashes can be difficult to go at on your own. Curlers can be turned into torture devices, mascara always stains your favorite towels and shaping your eyebrows for the right arch can easily be ruined by over-plucking. Leave your eye primping to these NYC professionals, who are masters at lengthening lashes and sculpting brows at their salons and spas.

  1. Benefit’s signature brow wax is fast and flattering. Brow Tinting is also popular for those with fairer hair and skin tones. Custom colors are blended to temporarily darken your brows. For lashes, individual and strips are available from Lash Lovelies. Bikini, body and facial waxing serves are also offered at Benefit’s Brow Bar, so you can get as hairless as you need, all in one appointment.
  2. Happy Hour is all day, every day at Boom Boom. Brow and tint combination offerings, like a Nooner Brow with a Lash Tint for $44, is just one highlight. Monday through Friday from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m., stop in for a free lip wax with a brow service. Their talented team is known for cleaning up brows for a full, clean and natural look, according to your face shape, without over-plucking them to a skinny and barely there line. Check out their other waxing services for the rest of your body, including a full face option for just $50.
  3. Wish you could have bridal-ready eyelashes everyday? Get glamorous with hair-by-hair eyelash extensions at Wink Eyelash in Midtown. The procedure to adhere the semi-permanent lashes takes about 90 minutes, but it’s worth your patience. This service is costly and requires touch-ups to keep your lashes going strong, but with a range of lengths and thickness options, from a basic 70 lashes per eye to the “Hollywood” with 150 lashes, you can get a personalized look for the sexiest way to bat your beautiful eyes.
  4. Threading, sugaring and waxing are all available at Shobha with four locations in NYC for appointment ease around the city. Known for their quick and expert eyebrow threading, the staff works to give even those with sensitive skin an almost pain-free experience. Threading is precise, making it a preference for many over more traditional waxing for the perfect shape. Body treatments are also available, from bikini waxes to full body hair removal.
  5. Owner Sania Vucetaj is truly a brow expert, with years of experience beautifying the brows of celebrities and New York City’s fashionistas and beauty editors. With the Women’s Brow Shaping service, she will tweeze your brows to encourage them on a growth program that best suits your face for a natural look. For the guys, a Men’s Brow Grooming is offered to trim brows to enhance and clean up their look.