American Spa | Four Ways Social Media Can Build Your Clientele

Article by: Nicole Altavilla
Published: March 21, 2018
Topics: Shobha Tummala
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Social media platforms like FacebookInstagram, and Twitter are highly effective ways to reach a large number of current and potential clients. Therefore, it’s not only important to utilize all of these platforms but also to do it right. Here, our experts share what they consider to be the best social media practices to increase exposure and business.

“Constantly posting is essential, and adding the right hashtags also helps more clients see your posts.”
—Courtney Akai, owner, Courtney Akai Lash Boutique (New York City and Dallas)

“Make sure your pictures are in high definition and well-lit to showcase your work. Before-and-after pictures are very impactful and a great way to promote a service. Most social media platforms can provide insight on what your followers are looking at, and you can use that as a guide to what you’re posting.”
—Mehae Kim, senior artist, Damone Roberts Beverly Hills (CA)

“Post lots of before-and-after pictures and videos of successful services you have performed, share your reviews, and use as many hashtags as possible. It’s important for potential clients to get to know your brand through your social presence before they come in.”
Shobha Tummala, founder and CEO, Shobha (multiple locations)

“Hashtags and gorgeous photos with great lighting are essential. As a new client, I would be looking for the artist with the most beautiful work and attention to the little details.”
—Brigitte Sargent, American Volume certified lash extensionist, Surface Medical Spas(Layton, UT) and 2017 NovaLash Brand Ambassador