Presidential Brows

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Happy President’s Day! Our list of the top 5 presidential brows.

#5. Abraham Lincoln

Bold. Black. Hazelnut. Lincoln kept his brows the way I like my coffee (<—that is a lie. I actually put a ton of cream & sugar in my coffee). Lincoln’s brows are such a prominent feature that you can even see them on the penny. The penny! Have you any idea how small a penny is?!

(it’s even smaller than this)

#4. Gerald Ford

Ford is able to pull off that super avant-garde, high fashion trend of bleached eyebrows. Throw on some shiny lipstick & you’ve got yourself an Alexander McQueen (rip) show.

#3. William McKinley

“I make serious faces.”

#2. Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson’s eyebrows look crazy, crazy, crazy. Perhaps they looked a little less gigantic & squiggly in real life, but I suppose we will never know as Andrew Jackson was invented before the camera was. There are only 3 other living entities in this world that have brows that compare to Jackson’s. One is that guy whose name I can’t remember, but I’m pretty sure he’s in fashion or maybe a journalist. He kind of looks like this guy (2/3):

& third, schnauzers!

#1. John Quincy Adams

Starring Marlene Dietrich in “The John Quincy Adams Story”

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