Perfect At-Home Pedicure

At Shobha we focus on hair removal – it’s true. That doesn’t mean we’re not obsessed with all things beauty – we are. What better way to show off your smooth skin than with a perfect pedicure to match. Follow our tips to the perfect at-home pedicure below. If you have any tips of your own feel free to comment – sharing is caring after all 🙂

1. Remove any old polish with Remove+ by Zoya (it even gets glitter off!)

2. Add body wash to running water to your tub or a large bowl/basin & soak feet for 5 minutes. Try Acure Organics Cell Stimulating Body Wash – we love it’s sweet but subtle almond scent.

3. Get your scrub on using your favorite scrub (we love Flourish Lavender Mind Sugar Body Polish)  & a Shobha Exfoliating Cloth to slough off any rough or dead skin (ewww!).

4. Cut &/or file nails; push cuticles back with a cuticle stick or trim carefully with a cuticle cutter.

5. Buff nails so that the surface of each is smooth.

6. Slather on lotion a rich body like Bogavia’s Hydrating Body Butter, paying extra attention to those dry spots like the skin on your heels

7. With cuticle stick remove extra lotion around nails & cuticles

8. With a cotton ball swipe each nail with nail polish remover to eliminate extra oils that will interfere with polish sticking to your nails

9. Apply 1 coat of a base coat

10. Apply 2 coats of your color of choice, letting dry 5 minutes in between coats

11. Use a cotton swab to remove any excess polish around the cuticles

12. Finish with one coat of top coat

13. Let your nails dry while you read The Honest Life – be sure to skip to page 83 to see what Jessica Alba has to say about our Shobha Sugaring Kit.

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