Out With the Old… Expired Beauty Products

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when to throw out makeup

Being a hoarder should be a crime, especially when it comes to beauty products.  We all need to admit when it’s time to trash that blue eyeliner you’ve been holding on to (since 6th grade). So this year, start you your spring cleaning by checking the expiration dates of your fav (& not-so-fav) items in your beauty bag.

When is the right time to say buh-bye to beauty products?

Mascara & Eyeliner

Trash it: 3 – 6 months

The scoop: if you ever wondered why your eyes are irritated after you put your face on, your mascara &/or eyeliner might be to blame. Mascara tubes are tightly sealed, moist, & dark – the type of environment where bacteria loves to breed.  Gross? Yes. Nothing further.


Trash it: 2 years

The scoop: eye shadow, can survive up to 2 years, providing it’s powdered. One caveat – keep your brushes clean to keep your peepers safe.


Trash it: 2 years

The scoop: ‘tis true, foundation can also survive up to 2 years, but it’s majorly important to wash your foundation brush weekly, or bi-weekly, depending on how often you wear makeup.

Lipstick & Lipliners

Trash it: 2 years

The scoop: 2 years is a good stretch to love your lipper, but if your lipstick starts to change in smell, color or texture, it’s time to let go. Try spraying a tissue with alcohol & give your lipstick a rub down to keep it clean.

Remember: natural beauty products tend to have a shorter shelf life than the chemically-packed ones – so keep an even closer eye on their expiration dates!

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