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the mission

since 2001, we have been a leading destination for hair removal, continually raising the bar on the experience. in this fast-paced world, attention to customer experience & quality control is often lacking or non-existent. best known for our consistent quality and a heightened level of client sensitivity, we have earned many accolades from the media industry, including "best bikini wax" by new york magazine and allure’s “best brow treatments” in america. these achievements are continually recognized by our devoted clientele who frequent our five new york city & two dc-area salons.

core values:

  • to serve
  • to educate
  • to be the best
  • to balance the needs of all parties
  • to do the right thing



we believe in the continual improvement in everything Shobha - whether that be our team members, the services we offer, or the products we create and recommend to you. we strongly believe in educating ourselves & using what we have learned to evolve & grow so we can provide you with simple & practical ways to maintain your hair removal routine (because life can get hairy enough on its own).