Our Shobha® Exfoliating Cloth Does A Lot Of Good.

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It’s good for the planet: all-natural, biodegradable, fairly traded & made from sustainable resources. It’s good for you: gently exfoliating your skin to make it super soft. & it’s also good for a hard-working group of locals who help us package this little best-seller.

We work on our exfoliating cloth with a non-profit community center that provides vocational rehabilitation to individuals with disabilities. The center was founded by a group of parents as a grassroots effort to bring about a positive impact in the lives of their children. The center provides paid & supervised work opportunities to individuals with disabilities to assist them in leading more active & productive lives in the community. If that wasn’t enough, the center also provides job coaching and job placement.

It’s a win-win. They foster increased independence, social integration, self-confidence & economic self-sufficiency. We get waves of good feeling to be able to help support their mission. You can buy our exfoliating cloth here & be a part of it all.

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