No More Dirty Looks: A Shobha Approved Book

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After all of the recent holiday shopping, there’s no better way to detox your mind, body (& wallets) than snuggling up to a good book! One of our favorite books at Shobha is called ’No More Dirty Looks.’ Sometimes considered a rite of passage, this book has become a favorite among our team.

Despite its name, no more dirty looks is not a fictional teenage drama. It’s actually an educational journey through the ins & outs of the beauty industry & its products. Authors, Siobhan O’Connor & Alexandra Spunt expose all of the juicy & hush-hush details of the cosmetics industry – specifically, all the one’s they don’t want us to know about! The truth is that most of the products we use day-to-day can actually expose us to lots of harsh chemicals like parabans & sulfates. Although the message is indeed serious, it’s delivery is actually light (siobhan & alexandra are relatable – never pushing their beliefs on the reader). Making this book a no brainer on our must-read list!

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