New Job, New Brows

Having been blessed with a unibrow at five years old, I’ve always been kind of obsessed with my eyebrows. I first started shaving the middle of my eyebrows way before I would like to admit. After much protest, however, I was able to convince my mom to get my eyebrows waxed for the first time when I was 12 years old. Perhaps, I was a little too excited about my new discovery of the joys of having two eyebrows, because I quickly became “tweezer happy.” after I had plucked the majority of hairs left on my eyebrows, I took a fateful trip to California that would lead to my brow-vention. Vowing to never have thin eyebrows again, I decided to grow my eyebrows back.

Since my brow-vention several years ago, I feared letting anyone go near these babies, especially since I knew what the growing out process was like (not pretty)! But with my new job at Shobha, I was determined to give threading a shot. I knew threading was much more precise then waxing and tweezing, but I was still skeptical. However, nawina assured me that she wouldn’t thread my new eyebrows too thin and I decided to give it shot.

Besides my awkwardness in where to place my hands to assist the specialist in the threading process, I had an overall great experience! I actually didn’t find the process to be painful; I think I was too focused on trying to wrap my head around how she held the thread so tight!  Sure, a few areas hurt more than others, but any pain I felt was quickly relieved when nawina massaged the Shobha Rosewater Calming Gel into my eyebrows.

In fact, when it was all said it done, I couldn’t believe how smooth my eyebrows felt. Trust me, if you think you can pluck all the hair on your eyebrows or achieve it by waxing – you’re definitely wrong. The feeling can only be felt firsthand and it’s scary good! I’ve attempted to trim and clean up my eyebrows before, but this was so precise that it seemed unreal. Even during a brief moment of skepticism afterward, in which I kept asking my team member, “are you sure they’re not too thin?” all I had to see were those before & after photos to become a believer (check’em out for yourself)! Thankfully, I’m no longer a threading virgin and let me tell you…it feels good!


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