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…threading – of course! 😉

I’ve never thought of eyebrows to be that special, they were just another feature on your face.  Plus, I’ve always had light eyebrows that didn’t stand out & since they didn’t have a predefined shape, I’d get them waxed so they could be ‘well-kept’ & neat.  Even after I had just gotten them done, I wasn’t fully satisfied with the job & I’d always end up trimming a little here & tweezing a little there.  This left me with many bare spots & lopsided eyebrows.  I could never get them how I wanted them to look!

So I decided to try threading at Shobha.  Their salon in SoHo definitely was cozy & made me feel comfortable.  Aisha, the woman who threaded my brows, was so friendly!  She didn’t even get frustrated at me when I didn’t know where to place my hands or if they were in her way.  To me, threading is not any more painful than waxing & since the job is much more thorough, I highly recommend that over waxing any day!  Getting them threaded at Shobha® salons definitely changed my view point on eyebrows.  With a new clean look & a bit of Shobha® Brow Pencil to fill in the bare spots, my brows really highlight my face & are bolder than they have ever been!  Thanks Shobha!


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