My First Shobha Brow Threading

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My First Shobha Brow Threading

Hello internet, my name is Daniel, I intern for Shobha. For the past few months I’ve been running around New York City visiting all of our NYC salon locations & learning about the different products & services Shobha offers. I’ve had a lot to learn being a straight male who has never really thought about hair removal beyond shaving my face, so brow threading or bikini waxing are definitely unchartered waters to me.

Squeamish about bikini waxing, I thought I’d give threading a try. I mean I already love scrolling through my Instagram & seeing comments under my friends’ photos like “brows on fleek” or “strong brow game (with a muscle arm emoji, obviously),” so I (not-so) secretly want that too.

I booked an appointment online for the Shobha® Columbus Circle location with Nita, who was recommended to me by Jenn, our brand director. I made my way to the 18th floor of the building the salon is in, pretty nervous about what I was about to do. Walking in, I was greeted by two people at the front desk, who naturally thought I was there for routine intern stuff. When I told them I was actually there to get my brows threaded for the first time ever, they got really excited & brought out Nita, my specialist.

I confessed to Nita this was my first time getting my brows threaded, & I was nervous. She told me not to be nervous, that I had nothing to worry about. I sat in her chair & we talked about the snowstorm that just passed while I wiped my hands with a Shobha® Rosewater Freshening Cloth. She got hit pretty bad with the snow, but used the snow to spend time with her family & do chores around the house, something I wanted to do, but instead opted to Netflix. Then Nita had me lay my head back in the chair. I asked her how long she’s been working for Shobha, & she replied “7 years.” My nerves got a bit better knowing I was in good hands.

Nita knew exactly what to do with little input from me (since I had never done anything to my brows before), which would in other circumstances freak me out. I’ve been going to the same hair stylist for years now, & she knows me well enough to the point where I can sit in her chair, not have to say anything, & be comfortable with the cut she’ll give. I was immediately this comfortable with Nita, because of how in control & confident she was.

The threading was interesting & a very unique experience in terms how it felt – which was a lot like someone pinching/poking around my eyebrows. It wasn’t painful & actually went by pretty quickly. At the end, Nita applied Shobha® Rosewater Calming Gel  & a rosewater compress to soothe my skin. The whole process took about 15 minutes & at the end of it, my face did feel cleaner, & the rosewater scent was a subtle & pleasant touch. I thanked Nita for everything & made my way out.

In the elevator of the building, surrounded by mirrors, I checked out my fresh brows, & started doing my best impressions of Dwayne Johnson before getting off at the lobby.

The skinny brow threading is great. It’s definitely something that made me feel better after getting it done & has instantly turned into a routine thing that i’ll be doing on the regular.

The verdict is still out on if a bikini wax will be next…

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