A Year Without Mirrors

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I was getting ready & listening to the radio the other day (yes, I still listen to the radio) & was mesmerized when I heard the story about the woman who gave up mirrors for an entire year. When I heard this, I started to gape…at the mirror of course. A year?! I’m still in shock. Plus, it’s even harder to do than I initially thought because any sort of reflection is considered a no-no. That means not looking into car mirrors or store windows. I mean, there’s no way this lady lives in NYC, right?!

When I finally pulled myself away from my own mirror & learned why she was doing this, such as suffering years of body dysmorphic disorder, I was in awe of her resilience & commitment to shy away of her reflection. Not only has she scored a major book deal in the process, but she’s also gained a cult following on her blog: mirror, mirror off the wall. If you’re reading this & planning to take part in the no-mirror movement, make sure to come into Shobha and we’ll take care of those precious brow hairs!

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