Midtown Traffic Gets Less Hairy This March At Shobha!

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Hear ye’ hear ye’ Shobha® Madison is moving! Our new salon is bigger, better & conveniently located only 1 floor below the old one.  With double the capacity in our new digs, you’ll have increased access to Shobha’s threading, sugaring & waxing services!  More room, means more availability, so you’ll no longer have to squeeze us into your hectic midtown schedule (phew!)

The big move will happen in early March, when we will relocate to suite 1304. Yup, that’s just in time for spring — when hairlessness is a must! You might also think that being on the 13th floor is freaky, but we’re actually thrilled here at Shobha® because the number 13 is considered lucky in India! So, make sure to check out the new & improved Shobha® Madison this march — maybe it will even help you get lucky! 😉

Shobha® Madison’s new address coming in march:
595 Madison Ave, Suite 1304 New York, NY 10022

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