Meet Reshma: Our Shobha® Sugar Mama!

As our favorite celebrity stylist, Rachel Zoe would say: We have “major” news! We are excited to announce our first ever Shobha® Sugar Mama for the month of May. The winner is Reshma – congratulations girl! You’ve proved this month that you are one the best at sweetening your clients’ hair removal treatments with your sugaring expertise!

We know Reshma truly shines in her sweet skills & we want to make sure you do too. So schedule your next appointment with Reshma at Shobha® SoHo to find out for yourself how sweet sugaring really is! Curious as to what service Reshma is most requested for? Reshma is queen bee of women’s Brazilians – a “major” accomplishment.

FYI – if you haven’t already read in our previous blog posts or in the Tuesday issue of AM New York, let me enlighten you on the powers of sugaring. Sugaring is actually a lot less painful than waxing because it doesn’t tug on your skin & still delivers the same great hair-free results as waxing. A total win-win.

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