Life Hack: Shobha Talc-free Powder Fights Oil Stains On Clothes!

It’s that dreaded moment; you just spilled salad dressing on your favorite new shirt & now there is that nasty greasy-oil stain. Enter Shobha Talc-Free Powder. Wipe your tears this tip can save your day…& your shirt. Shobha Talc-Free Powder contains no talc, is made with natural ingredients & is super safe for your body (& your clothes!).

We use Shobha Talc-Free Powder on the daily with our hair removal services to absorb any extra oil that might be lurking on your skin pre-hair removal so you can get the smoothest results possible.  Therefore, it’s no surprise (to us) that this trick works on prepping any pesky oil spots left behind after lunch or thanksgiving dinner!

Follow these easy steps to save that favorite shirt:

  1. If the oil spot is wet, dab it with a paper towel before applying Shobha Talc-Free Powder.
  2. Thoroughly dust powder over stained area & rub the powder in with your finger
  3. Allow the powder 5-10 minutes, depending on the stain size, to soak up the oil (if the stain is huge I would suggest leaving the powder on the stain overnight)
  4. Now it will look like the powder has soaked up the stain completely, start rubbing & scraping the powder with your finger &/or nail.
  5. If the stain was bigger then the size of your fist I would suggest leaving the powder on overnight and then throwing your shirt in the laundry first thing the next morning!
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