Let’s Get This Party Poppin

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About a month ago a few of us from the shobha team took a mini field trip to the poppin showroom. As lovers of office supplies – & cute brightly colored ones at that – we were in heaven exploring the colorful desk items, wall art & furniture that poppin offers to make wherever you work happy.

Poppin’s mission is to surround you with objects of beauty everywhere you go &  in everything that you do.  Poppin’s small-company-big-dream mentality is ‘noteworthy’ in our books.

Besides our brand crush on this happy-go-lucky brand, we’re excited to announce that poppin is one our awesome sponsors for our Shobha’s Home for Girls & Women Fundraiser event, June 11th (just two days away)!  The best news is if you want to be part of it too you can!

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