Kama Sutra – The Ancient Art Of Sexiness

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Way beforeCosmo & Maxim came around, people had very few options when looking for sexual advice…in the written form anyway [I’m pretty sure older siblings & wiser friends always existed!].  But where did those in-the-know go?  They went straight to the back corners of the local bookstore – often in the beaded-off section – for a dusty copy of the Kama Sutra, the ancient Indian text known as a go-to-guide for sexual positions.  Now, in an age where sex is much more in the daily dialogue, the Kama Sutra is getting dusted off & brought to the front shelf…along with countless modern interpretations, ‘sequels,’ picture books, & more!

So what is the Kama Sutra all about?

  • ‘Kama’ means sensual or sexual pleasure & ‘Sutra’ literally means a thread that holds things together.  Combined, these metaphorically equate to a sexual story or manual.
  • Sources believe it was first written in the second century, but it didn’t become part of the western mainstream until the sexual revolution in the ’60s.
  • A simple search of the term Kama Sutra on amazon.com yields 1,642 book results!
  • Apparently it was the most pirated book of 2009!  For the record, twilight was #7 on that list.
  • There are 64 positions in all.  With names like ‘elephant,’ ‘wrestler,’ & ‘stride,’ I say tread carefully.
  • Feeling brave [& athletic]?  Apparently, the ‘tripod’ is the most difficult position.
  • It ain’t all about the positions!  Actually, the positions part makes up only 20% of the text!  The other 80% is made up of 6 chapters devoted to everything from acquiring a virgin to how to act around other men’s wives.  There’s even a chapter about being a dutiful wife…I skipped that one!

Want to check it out?  Modern versions of the Kama Sutra are available at amazon.com…& pretty much anywhere else you look!

Keep in mind… the Kama Sutra requires preparation & practice!

Just remember to come into Shobha first, because I can’t in good conscience recommend Kama Sutra-ing without prepping your bikini first!

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