“Just Facebook Me…”

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It’s the new “what’s your number?” pick up line.

Keeping in touch sans talking is the newest trend.  Everyone has their own personal justification for their Facebook addiction – reuniting with old friends, stalking exes (don’t act like you haven’t – we all have), or updating your status for the world to read (although that’s what Twitter is for now). From my 14 year old niece to your 90 year old grandmother, the bottom line is everyone’s doing it (or at least all of the cool kids are – you’re cool, right?).

True, having strangers know every detail about your day can be dangerous or for those reading just plain annoying – like the familiar “I just showered” update (honestly, who cares?).  But FB can also be rewarding – like our fan page (yes, a shameless self-promote for ours), where our fans get the inside scoop (including some pretty sweet deals & freebies) that we keep privy to just our FB friends (or at least they get first dibs).  We like to think of it more as a two-way convo – basically we like it when you talk back.  & while we openly love updating as much as the next FB-er, the comments are truly our favorite part about having our own page; So “like us,” ask us a question, pick a bone, &/or share some hair removal love, we’re waiting & checking constantly.

We won’t beat around the bush, we’re addicted.  -ginet

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