It’s What You Put In Your Mouth That Counts

You sugar, wax & thread to remove hair from your skin so all you show the world is smooth, healthy skin- right?

Epidermis not looking so fab? What’s not on your dinner plate could be the problem. Skin needs vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & healthy oils from good foods.
By eating these delish goodies, you’ll score major brownie points with your skin:

•    low fat dairy (that means ice cream!)
•    berries- blue, black & straw
•    water & tea
•    fish- salmon, snapper, tuna, sardines
•    grains- whole wheat bread, cereal, muffins
•    nuts- walnuts, peanuts, Brazil
•    veggies- carrots, yams, avocados, soy beans

Don’t think that you can trick your smart derma.  A steady diet of fast food & junk can’t be corrected by consuming vitamins.  Skin wants the real deal- nutrition that comes from healthy food.

Your skin will behave so much better when rewarded with healthy food.  Think of that acne or wrinkles as your skin rebelling; an uprising that can only be diffused with veggies.

Eat colorfully,
Pink Dawn

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