It’s Tea Tuesday!

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This summer Shobha is celebrating you every Tuesday by serving complimentary Chai Tea! (aka “tea tea” – did you know Chai literally means tea?).  Our Chai tea will also be served iced to keep you cool throughout the summer’s heat (like perhaps, the heat wave we’re supposed to get this week?!).

Chai also has major health benefits. Rich in antioxidants, its spices have been used for thousands of years to promote general health & well-being! *om!* not to mention, it’s a mega stress reliever, with a splash of caffeine for some afternoon pep!

Side note:  I used to particularly hate the flavor of Chai whenever I ordered it from a major coffee brand found on just about every street of NYC (rhymes with trucks…), but once I tried the homemade Chai our team makes at Shobha, I was hooked! Our Chai is also served with the spice, cardamom, a known mood elevator!

To enjoy high Chai at Shobha this summer just follow these simple steps:

  • Sign into our online scheduling system (or call us) to schedule an appointment, or just make a drive (er, walk) by.
  • Get really hairy & remember to book your appointment with us during a Tuesday afternoon (our Chai is served starting at 2 pm).
  • Anxiously anticipate the goodness of our yummy Chai & our great service.
  • Arrive for your appointment & we will take care of the rest!

Hope you love the Chai just as much as I do!


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