It Pays, Literally, To Be Beautiful

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Accountants are rejoicing all across america because today is tax day (i.e., taxes are due)!  If you were unlucky (like  me) & owed money this year, then I bet you didn’t know that certain professions can actually write-off hair removal!

That’s right; individuals whose jobs are appearance related, such as models & actors (& other careers in which a polished appearance is not only appreciated but required), are able to write-off these expenses when filing for taxes. So there you have it, if you are a hot model or an aspiring actor then bop on over to Shobha because there’s a good chance that your next service is a tax deduction.

And for those of us too short *ahem, like moi* or not freakishly good-looking, no worries we still love you & your unwanted body hair too.


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