In Response To The Recent ‘American Apparel Mannequins Now Sporting Full Bush’

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RE: ’American Apparel Mannequins Now Sporting Full Bush

As my mother used to remind me when I decided I hated my new, super short haircut or the color I so boldy decided to dye my hair when I was a mere pubescent exploring her individuality – ‘it’s only hair, it’ll grow back.’

Life lessons for sure.

& so I can hold my head high knowing that the team I’ve been a part of for almost a decade (yes, it will be 10 years this February) provides that option for your lady bits.  True, ‘bald eagle’ has been fashionable for quite sometime, but now a more forested nether region is making a comeback. So for those of you who have made the pretty permanent choice to laser, I hope you are still happy with your choice to go bare down there.  I know, similar to a tattoo, it can seem like a really good idea in the moment, or even for some time, & then maybe it doesn’t…

Listen, I’m not here to preach how trim (or not) you keep your private peach, my message today is simple, those who “Shobha” can rest relieved that even if they’ve gone ‘newborn’ in the bikini region, can now go a bit bigger, fuller with their pubic coif quite easily (just let it grow a bit longer).  You can still trim the ‘hedges,’ have a clean ‘sideline,’ & a smoothly, ‘hairless undercarriage.’

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