I Love Me Some Toast!

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When we came across the super girly brand, Love & Toast, we knew we had to sell their products in our salons! Through hearts, swirls & other fun designs, this Margot Elena Brand dishes out crèmes, lotions & lip balms that not only work great, but are great for you to! here’s 5 reasons why we love this brand:

1.Their products contain no harmful ingredients, like parabens, sulfates & other icky stuff.
2.They don’t test on animals (Shobha hearts animals too!).
3. There packaging is bold & beautiful, yet, still eco-friendly.
4. They use natural fragrances (not sure why this is important to us?
5. Ginally, their philosophy is “look good, do good,” meaning a portion of every sale goes to philanthropic efforts.

Look for several of love & toast’s shower crèmes, body lotions & lip butters at all 3 Shobha® Locations. Also look out for their happiness kit (coming soon to Shobha!).

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